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Wellness isn’t an easy industry to navigate. The word itself has a snake oil salesman association that dates back to 1800s sanitariums and resonates with today’s environment of social media influencers and diet industry scams. How did a word rooted in the concept of good health fall so far from its original meaning?

We’ve allowed the wrong experts to dominate the stage and hold the microphone for too long. “Health experts” with little to no professional training or wellness-related credentials are changing the ways people live their lives, and not for the better.

I see my role as educating and helping as many individuals as I can. My programs are insightful and engaging, while also rooted in research versus conjecture. My goal: to get your employees and clients engaged in their health so they can thrive everywhere else. This is wellness, rooted in science, and delivered with passion.

-Katie Andrews. MS, RDN, CDN

This is wellness, rooted in science, and delivered with Passion

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