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As someone who used to be a D1 athlete I thought I knew it all when it came to nutrition and wellness. It was simple, go with a Paleo style diet and work out more. As I have aged I have continued to tell myself I can get back to that whenever I wanted to. Over the last several years I have found myself weighing over 285lbs struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. I continually avoided the doctor being completely afraid of what my blood work would say. 

Three months ago it all changed when I met Katie. Like most people I was nervous about the first meeting. Did I really need to see someone that was going to tell me what I already knew? Did I really want to tell someone what I was struggling with? Was I ready to commit to something like this? With all the anxiety in mind I pushed through it and I am so happy I did. Our first session was 60 mins long talking about backgrounds what have you been doing and where would you like to go? It felt easy talking to her because you could tell she genuinely cared about what you were saying. Following that meeting I was in!

After the initial meeting I finally decided to get my blood work done. While things had improved from the prior year I was still struggling with my cholesterol and blood sugar. We went through the numbers and tailored a diet to attack it. Having someone in your corner explaining what the numbers mean and how you can turn it around makes you feel powerful. I haven't felt this good in years and I am happy to report I am now down to 245lbs feeling better and better each day. My anxiety is down and I haven't had a panic attack in over three months.

My life has been changed for the better and I owe it to Katie. If you are looking for help you are in the right place.


I came to Katie out of desperation. My son was fully entrenched in toddlerhood and was refusing almost all foods. If it wasn't dinosaur nuggets, he had no interest. He was average height and weight so, intellectually, I knew he wasn't starving but far too many days were being spent in all out battles about trying to convince him to eat and far too many nights were spent lying awake feeling like a failure.

I had read all the articles and a couple books and was out of ideas. I reached out to Katie and experienced such a tremendous sense of relief immediately. Not only was she completely non-judgmental, she was full of practical, troubleshooting ideas for me to start implementing.

She listened to what he was currently eating, what he liked, what he didn't like and factored that into her suggestions. Slowly, but surely, my notoriously poor eater has started trying foods, will tell anyone who asks that vegetables make his brain grow, and ends every meal by announcing "something's happening!" before announcing he is growing! Not only does he eat better, he's much more excited about the process and understands why we can't eat goldfish all day long.

These days I'm in less of a panic and need her help far less, but she's still there any time I reach out. Katie has been a game changer for us and I am forever grateful!


I can't recommend Katie's services enough! My family and I have benefited greatly from our custom one-on-one counseling with Katie that introduced us to the tricks and tools of baby led weaning. As we approached our daughter's 6-month birthday, Katie set up an in-person interactive counseling session that taught us the ins and outs of introducing her to her first foods and allowing us all to thrive at meal time. 
Her advice and tips (both in person and on her instagram page) have given my husband and I the confidence to open our refrigerator and feed our baby from the same selection of healthy foods we feed ourselves, without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing "baby food". Watching her eating habits mimic our own, helps us know that we are setting our girl up for long-term good eating habits and makes meal times stress-free and satisfying.  
I will admit, my husband was a skeptic of baby led weaning at first -- that its tools, techniques, and philosophy would actually make a difference. But now as he watches our daughter eat confidently at a restaurant with adults, bravely try any food that is put in front of her, and indicate to us when she's satiated, he's totally singing Katie's praises!
Katie's sessions are a must for new moms and dads.

- Pamela S

My hate-hate relationship with food began in my teens and led to bulimia and anorexia well in to my twenties.

For 35+ years I have perceived food to be my enemy. However, as with most individuals, my metabolism has slowed down with aging, so starving myself no longer affects the number on the scale or my body composition. I knew I had to do something and now, as I wanted to improve my overall health and prevent medical issues.

Thankfully, I found Katie!

In only a few months, she has helped me to view food in a different manner as well as what has led me to my food perception. She does this without shaming or demeaning me for what I have been doing to my body. Both of us know that this journey is a process – like carefully peeling off the many layers of an onion. But through her encouragement, faith in me, and wealth of knowledge, I am on my way.

Thank you, Katie! I am truly, truly grateful and look forward to our continued collaboration in reaching my goal of a healthy, happy mind and body.

- A happy client

Like most girls in their early 20's I have fallen victim to fluctuating weight and and attempted fad diets and stop and go exercise. I came to Katie knowing I needed professional long term help that a internet article just couldn't give me.

In our consultation I not only laid out my lifestyle but the people and places that influence me the most in my health (i.e New York city and my my boyfriends late night working schedule). We worked together all summer to find a REALISTIC and effect diet and exercise plan (I hate working out, so this took some working on).

I felt such a change in how I operated day to day, with the stress of what to eat taken away. I stuck to my plan and got excited about new recipes to talk to Katie about. She was my biggest cheerleader when I felt great about my progress and my reality check when I needed to step it up.

I am so thankful I found Katie and know I will be on an ever changing mental and physical health journey thanks to her guidance!

- A happy client

That’s easy - handrolls from Kazunori sushi bar in Manhattan, NY.

What is Katie’s favorite food? 

You can schedule a discovery call with Katie to discuss your wellness needs, goals, and to ask her questions about her programs and events. She can also send you a corporate offerings deck with additional details.

Click here to contact her directly.

What’s the first step to working with Katie? 

Like we said, Katie loves working with companies big and small. Sometimes it’s the small companies that have the biggest ideas! By offering both virtual and in-person events she can keep pricing affordable for any size company.

What kind of budget do we need to hire Katie? We’re a small company. 

Absolutely. She is based in Westport, CT, one hour outside of NYC but she attends events around the country for her clients.

Does Katie travel for events? 

Outside of her own?? Kidding - yes, she has experience working with groups of athletes, university students, and parents raising young children looking for nutrition and wellness advice. At home, she has three of her own kids who keep her on her toes.

Does Katie work with kids or teenagers? 

That really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Katie has worked with companies employing anywhere between 20-200k employees, but the greatest common denominator for success in wellness is always a plan. A well designed wellness plan is the greatest driver of consistent engagement from your employee base.

Does every company need a wellness plan? 


Absolutely. Katie has worked with most of the top insurance plans in the country and can often help you learn how to best allocate those dollars so they don’t go to waste.

Can Katie work with our insurance company? We have wellness dollars allocated through our company plans.

Katie generally recommends starting with one of her very popular stress management or nutrition 101 seminars for new clients who are just dipping a toe into wellness. However she meets with the client team of every new client to ensure she understands employee expectations and interests before building a wellness plan. 

What are some of the most popular events Katie offers? We are new to wellness so not sure where to start. 

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